Tuesday, July 22, 2014


1 - Sunglasses - Forever 21
2 - Top - Lucie's hand me down
3 - Shorts - One Teaspoon
4 - Sandals - Topshop
5 - Jewellery - Vintage, H&M, Primark

Sun, sun, sunnnnnnn!  It has been so amazing the past couple of days and i'm loving it.  Mainly because it means i get to live in shorts and these sandals.  My boyfriend calls this my 'Daisy Duke' outfit but i was going for more of a rock and roll, hillbilly cowgirl vibe.  I honestly wish i lived in the deep south of America.  My hair has been really pissing me off recently as i just never do anything with it, but i really want to do things with it.  I just feel i don't suit anything well because of my huge round head.  So today i tried something new.  Wait for it.........half up/half down!  Really not adventurous but baby steps, i guess.  Does anyone else suffer with this round head/shit hair situation?!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

093 + OOTD Video

1 - Playsuit - Missguided
2 - Bag - Nasty Gal
3 - Boots - Vintage from flea market
4 - Sunglasses - Borrowed from Lucie
5 - Jewellery - H&M, Vintage

Lucie and i decided to take today 'off' work - although this job doesn't have an off switch - as we read it was going to be the hottest day of the year so far.  We went up to Heaton Park which is round the corner from where we live and took some photos alongside some videoing.  This playsuit was bought in the Missguided sale for £11.99!  I honestly don't know how it ended up in the sale but i guess some people don't see how amazing it is.  Lucie actually showed me the playsuit and straight away i said lets buy them.  So now we both have something else matching in our wardrobes.  We really should just share clothes.  Anyway, i also made a quick OOTD video so give it a watch and let me know what you think.  And please go and subscribe to my channel as it would make my day!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


1 - Sunglasses - Vintage
2 - Top - Vintage @ ETTE
3 - Shorts - Forever 21
4 - Bag - Vintage @ ETTE
5 - Sandals - Topshop

Seeing the world through pink tinted glasses makes me so happy which is why i love these beauts that i picked up from a flea market in Spain.  The shorts a multi coloured perfection and you might have noticed that i have the same shorts in different colours - that's how much i love them!  So comfy, easy to wear and perfect for summer days.  It is so lovely today but unfortunately i'm stuck inside working so that sucks....

Saturday, July 05, 2014


1 - Top - Car boot
2 - Jeans - Topshop
3 - Sandals - Topshop
4 - Sunglasses - Forever 21
5 - Jewellery - H&M, Forever 21, Vintage

Today has been such a laid back Saturday.  I'm dog sitting for my Mum so started the day with a sun filled walk to the park.  The rest of the day has been spent designing new stationary for ETTE and getting all our new vintage pieces ready to shoot.  So my outfit is a comfortable one.  Messy hair, jeans and these sandals are my go to for days like this.  I got these jeans the other day and have to say that for me these are the best fitting and most comfortable jeans i've had in a long time.  They are a little high waisted, but not too much, the perfect length and tight fitting whilst still being able to move around in them.  Unfortunately they only do them in this colour at the minute so i'm crossing my fingers they will bring out some black ones soon!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Things I Need (a.k.a want)

1 - River Island Harness Boots - £45 - I was watching one of Mika's (from Pastel Apparel) videos and she showed these really nice RI boots so i thought i'd have a browse this morning.  I'm really not a fan of RI because i feel they overdo alot of stuff by over embellishing things and adding branding to bags etc, but these boots are so perfect.  Plus, £45 for a pair of boots THIS good is pretty damn amazing.

2 - Unif Twerk Jeans - $118 - I have been wanting these perfectly ripped jeans for a while now but unfortunately the rather hefty price tag (and lack of money) stopped me from buying them.  I was hoping my love for them would disappear after i found something else to obsess about but that is not the case.  If anything i want them more now than i did before!

3 - Unif Praying Away Tee - $78 - I love Unif and i have heard their tees are the softest thing ever.  I really love this tie dye one - they always seem to get tie dye perfect.

4 - Bad Vibes Olive Juice Shorts - $68 - I know, i know...these shorts have been on my list for a while now and i STILL haven't got round to buying them!

5 - #Girlboss - $14.08 - I really want to read this but have a feeling it might be a bit of a let down compared to my expectations.  I feel like Sophia is an amazing businesswoman and i really admire how far she has come with Nasty Gal.  But how much of this book is embellished to romanticize her rise from rags to riches?  So we will see.  Has anyone read this yet? Thoughts?

6 - Miracle Eye Sand & Sea Dress - $70 - Miracle Eye has been on my radar for a while after finding owner Larissa's blog.  She has a great selection of vintage and works with her mum to design and make really exciting pieces.  This dress is currently top of my list.

7 - Topshop Woven Choker Set - £8.50 - I love a choker and glad that Topshop have brought out these fun boho style ones.  I know people are still really into the 90s and that's fine but my jewellery box needs a choker that isn't leather.

8 - Canon 600D - £389 - I currently have the Canon 350d which i got from my boyfriends brother.  It is a really great camera and does everything i need except video.  I was toying with the idea of getting a cheaper digital camera but we use my SLR for all our product shots for ETTE so i don't really want to replace it until i can afford this.  Which will probably be years down the line....sigh

9 - Topshop Lip Bullet in Crave - £8 - I have an on again/off again relationship with lip colours.  At the minute i'm loving dark nudes for lips and i have read good things about Topshop's makeup so hopefully this will be added to my makeup box soon.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


1 - Top - Spanish Flea Market
2 - Vest - Carboot
3 - Jeans - Lucie's hand me down
4 - Boots - French Flea Market
5 - Bag - Nasty Gal
6 - Jewellery - Vintage, H&M

I love the weekends despite not being in a standard 9-5 job.  It's just so relaxing knowing it's finally the weekend.  I've actually been working all today but took these photos on the way out to Tesco for a 'big shop'.  I'm wearing my thrifted top from Spain which i mentioned in my closet confidential video.  And i just had to layer this cute fringed vest over the top to add that little extra to the outfit.  Lucie and i have just finished uploading loads of amazing new pieces to ETTE so make sure you check them out before they all sell out!  We have so many emails from customers asking us when we will be getting more of something in.  But that is the problem guys!  Everything is vintage and one off so you gotta get 'em while you can!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Closet Confidential

So i thought i'd make this video cause i love having a nosy at other peoples wardrobes.  Hope you enjoy and make sure you go and subscribe to my channel here to keep updated.  If you have done this tag then send me your link in the comments below!